Gearbox - Procon Telematics Integration

No more data entry or spreadsheet imports for odometer and hourmeter readings.

Vehicle Tracking makes Services Due and Running Costs easy

Gearbox connects to Procon FleetLocate each night to collect odometer and or hourmeter readings. This updates the Service Due feature in Gearbox and provides a consistent source of readings for calculating running costs in cents per km or dollars per hour.

Procon Telematics is an Australian owned developer of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms for fleet management, heavy transport, logistics, containers and trailers. It works with customers to deliver solutions tailored to their needs, and is one of the few platforms globally that can support large asset rollouts of over 500 devices.

FleetLocate is Procon’s premier asset management application that enables users to locate, track and send commands to their assets in real time. With government and enterprise customers, Procon systems work to deliver productivity gains and quantifiable cost savings through reduced fuel consumption, improved driver behaviour and increased visibility of asset utilisation.

Procon Telematics