Streamline Trucksafe, NHVAS and other accreditations.


We've pioneered the way fleets operate Mass and Maintenance management. Gearbox automates Mass & Maintenance quarterly compliance reviews.


Manage your Contractors details and expiration dates of Workers Comp, Public Liability and any other contractual requiremnents. Optionally you can also track your contractors vehicles.

Non Conformances

Raise, manage and close out non-conformances and Suggestions for Improvement for employees or contractors for Mass, Maintenance, Fatigue or your own type of NCR.

Load Sheets

Configure each truck and trailer in Gearbox for GML, CML or HML. Prestart users are then able to record loads with overload alerts per axle group and combination.


Alerts for mutiple Inspections Types against each asset for annual inspections, hatch & vent or any kind of Inspection Checklist. Jobcards can be printed, emailed or completed electronically.

Risk Assessments

Use Risk Assessments in order to identify, document, and manage risks associated with vehicles and plant. Link Repair work orders to the risk assessment for hazards / controls.


Record Permits against one or many vehicles. Attach the required documents, record costs, notes and set expiry alerts so nothing gets missed.

Mass Verifications

Gearbox Compliance alerts for mass verifications to record axle groups or tare weights against a vehicle. Weighbridge tickets or supporting documents can be attached.

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